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The Global4Net includes a description and justification of the choice of methodology. For conducting a technological audit/assessment of the enterprise’s digital maturity. Self-assessment of the enterprise in terms of readiness to implement technological solutions. How the technological audit was conduct with an indication of its results in terms of the entrepreneur. Readiness to implement technological solutions (process identification business and methods of their implementation. Analyzes including competitive position, technologies of production.

In the company through

Service administrative and management processes. In terms of automation and robotization and impact on the environment, also analyzes of IT infrastructure and tools. Digital maturity of the offer, digital competences. Financial condition, external barriers Photo Retouching and internal and business model characteristics),as well as conclusions. In the form of a synthetic assessment of the enterprise’s digital maturity and the potential for automation. Robotization of all production and non-production processes. Carrie out in the enterprise. implementation part, which includes information on the proposal for a comprehensive plan for the company’s transformation towards Industry.

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Technologies to improve competitiveness, as well as visions of using fix assets, intangible assets, creating data exchange and security, combining human resources and technological, and managing the quality of processes implement. In the enterprise in an USA CFO effective manner or creating and maintaining communication networks with partners in the supply chain), compliance with environmental standards. Analyzes and recommendations of existing or potential technological solutions in the field of automation and robotization and intangible assets. Which should directly support the automation and robotization of business processes.

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