A service built on a neural network allows

It is not a substitute for human creativity and intuition. The neural network creates a form, behind which there is still an idea. Following the conclusions from the previous part, AI is an effective tool to simplify the work of a designer and ruce time costs. Here are a few tasks where the neural network can help today: Content Creation AI can generate design artifacts: images, logos, illustrations, freeing up resources for designers to focus on user experience tasks and spend less time AI Type us AI in its platform to automatically generate fonts bas on user preferences. And these are just a few examples of how.

Where to apply artificial intelligence now

AI is integrating into the work of designers and Cameroon Phone Number List companies. With the help of neural networks, a toolkit is creat that allows you to optimize work and ruce time costs, while maintaining creative control. Additionally, it is worth mentioning Midjourney, ruDALL-E and similar services that convert text into a graphic element. you to make an image quickly, beautifully and effectively, but it cannot independently form a context – the latter always remains on the side of a person. And with the right work of a specialist, the tool allows you to create excellent graphic elements that can be adapt to a specific task.

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These tasks require a level of creativity

What will the neural network not be able to take USA CFO on in the near future? And what does this mean for professionals and companies While artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of design and the creative industry, there are certain tasks it is not yet capable of and is unlikely to be able to do anytime soon, intuition and empathy that is beyond the capabilities of algorithms. Conceptualization AI algorithms cannot generate new ideas or concepts, they can only work with what they have been taught.

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