Before further speculation arises

Make the blog viral from the start. innovative cars. it also had the courage to develop and implement innovative advertising strategies. The video should have . views on the blog for at least six weeks. These videos deserve a star rating (out of ) and bring the Golf closer to the cars of people like you and me. The campaign should generate a direct lead. The cost per lead should be well below Euros. At the time. this value was us as a benchmark for Volkswagen’s online communication measures. Event costs should be borne and incurr.

Volkswagen not only want to sell

Purely through PR (mia usage costs generat mia Cayman Islands Phone Number List value).  press following Volkswagen’s aggressive sponsorship and event plans. the campaign has to be l by someone who can make up for it all with charisma. wit and trust. All of this can be achiev by playing the character ä. The community that has develop around the blog should even be grateful for brand entertainment. The campaign is plann to be carri out in three phases. Other stages can only be initiat until critical mass is reach and the blog goes viral. First of all. a blog should have countless fans. In the first stage. Volkswagen did not look very recognizable. In the second stage.

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Since they don’t want negative

Horst Schrammer will come forward to USA CFO become a sponsor of Volkswagen. that is. . Marketing will be in the final stages. VW will be clearly identifiable. and there will be further web specials and mailings. Seing of the blog is also plann. Especially attractive bloggers get the initial insider information. Subsequently. video seing also appear on various video platforms. Successful Stealth Marketing ä video views have exce . times. Interest is generat and the advertising cost per lead is about €. These specifications.

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