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According to the overall  standard this year, in addition to the organization that mainly focuses on working hours, an overall indicator of the overall standard was form. This year’s overall index is (full score). This is on par with last year. Labor intensity and income are still at negative levels. Employer Brand: As an Outcome for Employer Opportunities The results of the Index clearly show that job-relat expectations and aspirations, especially the organization of working hours, are not being adequately met. This is an opportunity for employers to position themselves as attractive employers. Especially due to the fact that flexibility in working hours leads to more motivation, better job performance and higher levels of appreciation.

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It is imperative for employers to communicate  a core value in the context of their employer brand to potential employees . In the context of the war Philippines Phone Number List for talent, this can be a real competitive advantage for businesses. This entry was post in Corporate Social Responsibility, Employer Branding, Jobs, Training as of the date. Keywords: index, employer brand, leadership, employees, HR marketing. Here’s How You Do It RightEmployer Branding Tasks, Measures, Success Factors for Mid-Siz CompaniesEmployer Branding Tasks, Measures, Success Factors for Mid-Size CompaniesYour Contact Request Us Through Seminars, Training Sessions.

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