Part-time work and self-employment

At the same time – to be a customer of services. And we see this clear intersection of users within the service. There will be more comfort on both sides, more legal formats with guarantees and normal payments, a social package. will definitely develop. But they are unlikely to crowd out permanent employment: the market will balance at some point Background and motivation. According to Ascona experts, Russians change mattresses on average once every 17 years, pillows – once every three years. In the early 2000s, mattresses were replac every 35 years.

The situation is gradually improving

This indicates an increase in the level of conscious Austria Phone Numbers List consumption and an understanding of the importance of healthy sleep, the company believes. Here, attention is also drawn to the results of research by the Erisman Feral Scientific Center for Hygiene. They indicate that house dust is a habitat for bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes, which can cause allergies. And long-term use of mattresses and pillows, even with proper care, leads to the appearance of microorganisms. According to the President of Askona Life Group Roman Ershov, developing a new product with these factors in mind, the company proce from several considerations. The product had to be made available to as many consumers as possible. “If we talk about really high-tech sleep products, their cost is quite high.

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This is our way of countering the emergence

In the consumer market, there is a trend towards the USA CFO sale of goods by subscription, and every year the demand for such a consumption model is increasing. Players in other industries are getting stronger by providing subscription services to customers. Of players who will offer the same products as ours, but by subscription,” Ershov admits. The development of a subscription to a sleeping place was taken up by the Venture Studio, form in the company at the end of 2020 to create breakthrough products and services. Previously, the R&D department was locat inside the Askona Life Group business.

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