The consequences of mechanical damage

Deja vu as a symptom of the disease Doctor of Medical Sciences Pavel Vlasov and Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Chervyakov in their 2012 work compared the characteristics of deja vu in healthy people and in patients with epilepsy and brain masses. During the study, subjects were also monitored for brain activity. As a result, scientists made the following conclusions: in healthy subjects, deja vu occurs, as a rule, several times a year, lasts up to 10 seconds and appears during a period of psycho-emotional stress and fatigue; in patients with epilepsy, deja vu can occur both on its own and against the background of an attack.

The study showed that for the diagnosis

With volumetric formations of the brain, deja vu occurs Finland Phone Number List most often with tumors, occurs several times a day, lasts longer than a minute. May appear on its own or as part of an epileptic seizure. This is accompanied by negative emotions and fear of its occurrence. Based on the study, scientists identified two types of deja vu: “Pathological-epileptic” – characteristic of patients with epilepsy and is an analogue of an epileptic seizure. “Non-pathological-non-epileptic” is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in most healthy people. Thus,  of pathology, it is not the presence of deja vu that is important, but a change in its characteristics.

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The criterion for pathology is the frequency

Iengthening acceleration, fear of waiting and negative USA CFO perception of the phenomenon. Vyacheslav Filashikhin: “Deja vu can indeed be a symptom of an illness. Most often, the effect is manifested in two diseases: epilepsy and encephalopathy  to the brain tissue. There are no criteria for the frequency of deja vu, which are the norm or pathology. For psychiatrists, and regularity. For example, if a person has deja vu occurs once a year, but regularly. Or he experiences deja vu every night or every day.

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