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Of social mia andon marketing process control, Prof. Dr. captivat the audience with his way of speaking, and couldn’t resist taking a group photo with the audience at the end of the lecture. The third room of the lecture series at Marketing Days Cologne will start with a presentation on the topic of commodity pitfalls. Using interesting practical examples, she illustrates to participants the relevance of differentiation and positioning. The partner inspir attendees with his talk on crowd marketing and show how crowds can be leverag to the benefit of your company.

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Subsequently, the managing director demonstrat Brazil Phone Number List practice with examples. The Lecture’s highest honors came from Mr. Leo, who gave a lecture on football brand management. Especially the emotional images and videos excit the guests of Marketing Day in Cologne. Nor did the pack program of presentations neglect networking: during the coffee and lunch breaks as well as the joint ö after the event, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and to network with other experts from within the industry.

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The use of social mia in corporate

Network A long day came. To an end when USA CFO and everything dismantl again, until now everyone realiz that unfortunately it was over. There is only one consolation: preparations for the 2019 Cologne Marketing Days can now start all over again! Marketing day cologne This entry was post on day month , and was written by Business Development, Events Fairs, Marketing day cologne, Brand Management Publishing. Keywords: , Cologne Marketing Day, marketing conference. Similar Posts Save the Date: 2019 Cologne Marketing Days Anniversary! Save the Date: 2019 Cologne Marketing Days.

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