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Vat Rates in Spain How Many Types of Vat Are There

The types of Value Added Tax that exist in Spain differ mainly. However, by the tax rate or percentage of tax that is added to the price of the product or service that has been purchased or contracted. However, While general VAT has a tax rate of 21%, reduced VAT is 10% and super-reduced VAT is 4%. As you can see below, this differentiation is based on quite logical criteria.

General VAT

This type of VAT is the most common of the three and is applied by default to all goods and services to which neither reduced nor super reduced VAT can be applied. In recent years it has suffered certain increases, going from 16% to the current 21% in just over a decade. It applies to products and services such as:

clothing and footwear
Fuels such as gas, gasoline, diesel or diesel
Services related to aesthetics and beauty such as hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, waxing, makeup, body massages, body treatments, UVA rays or tattoos
Communication and telephone services and Whatsapp Mobile Number List goods (laptops, mobile phones, telephone and internet rates)
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco
Furniture, equipment and other housing-related expenses
DIY products
Professional sporting events (football, basketball or tennis matches)
Intermediate goods: materials, products and services used during the production process of final products that will later be marketed (wood, steel, plastic, cement, bricks, raw materials, coal, latex, oil, etc.)
Intermediate products for the manufacture of medicines, medical equipment, medical devices and instruments, and pharmaceutical products
First and second hand cars

Reduced VAT

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In the same way as the general VAT, the reduced Value Added Tax is an indirect tax that taxes the consumption of goods and services with a lower rate than for the general one. The reduced rate of 10% applies to the following products and services:

Products used for the production of human and animal food
Hotels and restaurants (accommodation, bills in USA CFO bars and restaurants or in spas and spas)
Cultural activities: tickets for museums, exhibitions, libraries, documentation centers
Means of transport domestic flights, metro or train tickets.

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