Video marketing podcast and gaming these are 10 marketing trends

Brands and companies are constantly looking for ways to innovate in their communication. Especially in a time where the correct presence on social networks and other digital platforms sets the tone for success. As Eduardo Carabaño, director of Online Zebra , points out, “these trends make us look to the future and will become very important in 2023. Therefore, all of them will have a positive impact on advertising and marketing, always thinking about the good of the company and its customers.

These are 10 marketing trends that will mark 2023

Video marketing has been one of the most important trends of 2023. Video has become the key for users to know and want to buy a product. Next year top industry data this format will have special importance, as Google is working on features so that users can find information in videos easily thanks to the clip markup and seek markup tools. 2. EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness) signals Experience , authority and trust , or EAT, will affect searches performed on Google. The search engine aims to improve the relevance of the results, prioritizing those from sources with higher EAT. 3. The importance of using semantically related words The Multitasking Unified Model (MUM) may play a role in the future of search . Intelligence will be able to discern the emotion and intent of search queries in more than 75 languages, so applying semantically related words will become a necessity for advertisers.

Artificial Intelligence has a place in marketing

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is constantly trending. Now that it has begun to mature and be applied in various technological areas, it will play USA CFO an important role in SEO. Google applies AI to better understand user intent and provide more relevant results, and in SEO strategies this technology allows you to optimize web pages. 7. The metaverse will multiply its popularity The metaverse is once again one of the big trends. This year, several brands debuted in the digital universe, and by 2023 the commitment is even clearer. A Hellosafe report forecasts the metaverse to grow up to 670% by 2030 . 8. The era of gaming and streaming The world of video games has grown thanks to the popularity of platforms like Twitch and the expansion of virtual reality.

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