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The fact that someone visits your blog once does not bring you a committed customer. With the help of a blog, you gather around you a group of committed readers who one day decide to buy products and services from you. You never have to push or push anything. How you typically make a sale is as follows: You attract readers to your blog with great, helpful and useful content. You encourage them to join your email list. You offer a lot of value-added content to your weekly newsletter subscribers and occasionally offer them products and services. There are still a couple of ditches between the blog and sales, over which we must build sturdy bridges. It happens like this:  dream customers photography if you’re selling dog accessories.

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 Self-awareness, which is surprisingly often forgotten in the rush. Blog posts should be related in some logical way to the products and services you are selling. The new data content should also show that you know what you are talking about and that you act in the same way as you write. When you help your reader and potential customer to solve individual acute problems, they will always come back to you. Use the blog to grow your email list The easiest way to do this is to offer a sign-up gift on the blog. For example, you can offer short video webinar recording mini course guide or a workbook as a joining gift.  high-value offer. In return, you get an email address and you (in theory) then have permission to send messages to the downloader of the joining gift. I don’t tolerate spam, so please make sure that your e-mails offer added value that you don’t share in the blog.

A sign-up gift is always a free but

 (Tip, tip, I also tell stories in the weekly newsletters that I don’t tell here on the blog side…) What happens after a person joins your email list? It’s not enough to get the person’s email address. You must have a plan on how to turn him into a buying customer. You need to plan and write the weekly letters in advance (make an email automation, also known as a sales pipe, sales funnel, sales tunnel or sales funnel) in order to be successful. If you just throw out random messages when it feels good, people will unsubscribe pretty quickly. You want to be in the potential customer’s email regularly and often enough. Do you remember what kind of e-mails you received a month ago? If you send USA CFO an email once a month, how can you expect the reader to remember who you are and why they joined your email list? I personally prefer a weekly newsletter sent once a week. I also know a blogger student who sends three letters a week and makes 1000-2000 € in sales consistently every month.

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