What is Rlsa How to Use Rlsa in Google Ads

Remarketing is one of the most popular forms of advertising – thanks to it you can reach customers who were already interested in your offer or website. Recently, this type of activities can also be carried out via Google Ads . What are RLSA campaigns and what is worth knowing about them?

Remarketing itself is distinguished primarily by a slightly different advertising target group than in the case of standard marketing. In This Case, the Message is Intended. To Reach Customers Who Have Previously. Visited the Company’s Website – the Content. Of Such Advertising is Intended. To Encourage Them to Return and Purchase the Product or Service?

Such campaigns can be implemented in many ways, and one of them is RLSA , Remarketing List for Search Ads”. This solution is implemented primarily by online stores, which can effectively increase online sales.

What are RLSA campaigns used for

RLSA is particularly important for entities that use Google Ads tools – the search giant has been offering built-in support for this type of Ws Data strategy for several years. Remarketing performed using RLSA allows you to significantly influence the conversion level.

How to use RLSA in Google Ads?
To feel the positive impact of RLSA , you must first add a special marketing tag to your website that allows you to “tag” every user who has visited your site.

A remarketing list will be created based on these tags. First, however, we will need an AdWords account. The list of recipients can be made in the “Shared resources” section – it is also worth looking at the “Recipient management” tab. These two features allow you to configure filters that will be used in remarketing.

RLSA Google Ads impact on conversion

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Google imposes certain restrictions on the length of the list: the list has a minimum length of one thousand users. From the technical side, the whole thing is based on the use of cookies, which allow the identification of Internet users and sessions opened on the website.

This is not a perfect system – especially in the case of desktop computers, we can often notice USA CFO

That Instead of Our Position, the Location. Of the Internet Provider is Actually Displayed. Despite This, Mainly Due to the Increase. In the Share of Smartphones in Searches, Local Positioning Using Geolocation is Becoming More and More Important.

Thanks to This, Even Local Companies Have a Chance. To Gain Considerable Publicity Through Phrases. Such as “Hairdresser Bydgoszcz” or “Barber Warszawa Centrum. By Assumption, Geolocation Should Allow Displaying. Results Tailored to the Location Without. The Need to Enter Phrases. Related to a Given Place.

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