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Why do borrowings enter the language? New realities Russian, like any other complex language spoken by millions of people, is a dynamic system that is constantly evolving . Vocabulary responds to all social changes: from the emergence of new technology to any event. For example, the pandemic brought the word “covid” and its derivatives into the language. And if at first at least the major mia tri to write officially “COVID-19”, now almost everyone uses a more democratic version. For more than two years, “covid-dissident”, “covid-madness covidnik” and other new words have densely enter into speech at all levels.

The phenomenon came from another culture

Probably some of them will be forgotten as soon as the France Mobile Number List disease disappears, but something will remain in the language forever, acquiring new meanings. For similar reasons, words such as “marketing”, “bank” or the names of new professions appear in the language.  its original name often passes into languages ??practically unchang, especially if this allows you to save language resources. For example, instead of a short “cashback” in Russian, or something similar. Convenience Sometimes authentic phrases are replac by short borrowings – again, for the sake of saving language resources. This is how “rating” appear in Russian in the sense of “position in a list or circle of similar things.

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One would have to say refund money back

The phenomenon itself has always been universal for any USA CFO nation. language fashion The unmotivat use of borrowings is call language fashion . In this case, the new word has a well-establish synonym in the recipient language, For example, in the 1990s, instead of “paradise”, some began to say “paradise”, from the English “paradise”. Fashion borrowings are perceiv by carriers as more prestigious – it seems that “going shopping” sounds more interesting than “shopping in a department store.” Sometimes, due to the language fashion, some borrowings are replac by others For example.

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