Which will draw the attention of employees

With these services companies ruce operating costs, ruce the effort to manage pallet logistics, ruce wood consumption and waste generation, thus contributing to the development of a circular economy. It is important to note that the development of a b2b-sharing economy requires large online platforms. This line of business may look like a “blue ocean” (that is, a completely new market without establish rules and competition. – RBC Trends ), but require significant financial investments. Service sharing Bas on the current situation – the fall in income of SMEs (which can lead to the irrationality of maintaining full-time employees) and the decline in real incomes of the population.

The release of a large number of labor force

One can prict the spread of freelance sharing services. The development of household and corporate services is facilitat by the presence of develop Russian sharing Malaysia Phone Number List consolidat platforms (Profi Yandex. Services and others).  in these areas can be slow down by an increas supply of such services: if a large number of new employees enter the market at the same time, the sector will find itself in a situation where supply exces demand. In addition to incorporating the sharing economy into business processes, an important role for companies is to engage employees in the sharing economy.

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The development of the sharing economy

Such motivation and stimulation can be express in USA CFO partnership with a certain sharing system or platform that gives corporate discounts for the use of its functionality; allowing employees to share relatively rare benefits that they do not have access to in everyday life – for example, a limit opportunity to rent premium cars at a lower price, to the possibility of car sharing; conducting ucational activities in the sphere of the sharing economy, allowing employees to look at their consumption patterns in a new way; assisting in the organization of local swaps.

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