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A little earlier they tri to change the world a little for the betterthe creators of. The Biem application, through which people. Who plan to have sx could share with each other the results. Of tests to detect genital infections and. If necessary, order these tests and remotely contact the doctor. Alas, the latest data about him on the Web date back to. Apparently, it didn’t fire. The same thing happen with the Russian app Sexual. Now it is for sale, and in , in an interview with Rusbase. Its creator said that the main users were people from the LGBT community.

Which had similar functionality

Robots and artificial intelligence Sex of the future Belgium Phone Number List is simply impossible without robots, and we have been told about this more than once in films, computer games and books. Of course, this does not mean that such “relationships” will be chosen by everyone, but they will clearly be one of the options. Already, many people are consciously giving up on relationships or opting for quick connections with subsequent disappearance (ghosting) –  of wealth and the prevalence of dating applications. The ability to simply turn off the “partner” that you are tir of will surely intrigue someone.

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One example is Gatebox AI

All this is not a matter of the near future, but some futurists USA CFO seriously argue that by the s, people will not just have sex with machines, but interact with them on a deeper level thanks to the development of artificial intelligence. Developers have already made attempts to make “emotional” AI for relationships. , a holographic anime girl who lives in a glass flask, sends cute text messages to her owner and happily greets him when he comes home from work. If someone nes more “cyberpunk” examples, then in our real life there are also them.

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