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 They are colors that are close to each other on the color wheel and get along well with “”. Color psychology color has a big impact on everything. In addition to affecting our feelings and emotions, color triggers action. Color psychology can help your brand become stronger, attract visitors to a specific page or action on your website, and increase sales. Below I show you what each color can contribute to your website: red red is associated with energy, emotion, passion, love or action.

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 When to use: blue is often associated with large businesses, such as banks, electric utilities or special data public services, because it is a neutral color that inspires feelings and is associated with trust and professionalism. Perfect for topics such as medicine and health, technology, science, politics or service. Dark blue is associated with businesses such as lawyers or counseling. When not to use: in psychology, blue is the opposite of red, and therefore should not be used in businesses that want to convey energy, action, or passion.

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I always remember a yellow seat ivesa( ) that drove through my town a few years ago. This is because it is probably the most striking color of the main colors on the color wheel. It is associated with happiness, vitality, happiness, optimism or competition. On the negative side, yellow is associated with USA CFO fraud, tackiness, or vulgarity. When to use: use bright yellow( not too many) to enliven your visitors or create a feeling of well-being.

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