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 Corporate web hosting what is a color wheel and how to use it? In order to understand the interaction between colors and make the most of them, it is important to understand the elements that give meaning to everything: the color wheel. The color wheel or color wheel is composed of the main colors: primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are green, purple, and orange, which are obtained by mixing the primary colors in equal amounts.

The OceanWP configuration options

The third color is the intermediate color obtained by mixing the latest database primary color with the secondary color. There are two main ways to avoid making mistakes and proceed with caution when using color wheels to select colors for your website: there are other ways to choose complementary or similar color (s, but if you choose these methods, it is most recommended to use these methods ) is not an expert on the design theme: complementary color.

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 It can also awaken negative emotions such as violence, aggression, fire or danger. When to use: red is the color associated with performing an action. Perfect for pages in fast food restaurants, barber shops or gyms. When not to use it: red is a color that should not be abused. It is not usually used on pages related to lawyers, institutions, health or nature. Blue is USA CFO associated with health, professionalism, efficiency, quality, seriousness, intelligence, loyalty, strength, confidence or safety.

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