Consider the various podcast formats

choose a topic what will your podcast be about? This is the most important decision you can make as a future podcaster. While many podcasts overlap in general topics. The ones that stand out to listeners usually offer unique angles or formats to the topics they cover. First. Decide on the topics you would like to cover. Which are likely to be in line with your business or industry. For example. Therapists might talk about mental health and well-being. While lawyers might discuss legal topics or crime news. Once you have set the general topics.

It may be best to rethink your approach

Delve further into the more specific topics Asia email list on which to create content. If you’re having trouble coming up with episode ideas on a topic. It may be best to rethink your approach. It’s also okay to cover multiple topics in your podcast. However. Choosing topics that fit your brand is the best way to build an audience and position yourself as an authority. Step 2: decide on the format woman hosting a podcast alone photo by karolina grabowska via pexels so. Consider the various podcast formats and which or which combination of formats you would like to use. Typically. Podcasts follow one of the following formats: single host: these podcasts have only one host.

The episode can be formatt

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Although guests may occasionally be add. Co-hosts: these   USA CFO  podcasts include more than one regular host. Guests: some podcasts have a new guest per episode who joins the conversation with the host. Interviews: interview-focus podcasts typically have one or two hosts who interview guests as the main part of each episode. Within these formats. There are various types of podcast episodes . If you have a guest. The episode can be formatt as an interview or discussion. If you’re hosting an episode yourself. The most common formats are fiction and nonfiction.

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