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Brand which it recently lost to Google. However,  ranking of is still substandard, but is it necessary? We took a look at the criteria and created a checklist that you can use to design your brand values ​​based on the criteria too! General Requirements for Download List Brand Evaluation Standards In addition to general requirements such as transparency, validity, reliability, adequacy and objectivity, the standard also requires consideration of financial, behavioral and legal impact factors. Monetary brand value must express economic interest and be calculated using cash flows. Cash flows can be valued in terms of revenue.

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Economic surplus, or cost savings.  Valuation Australia Phone Number List Standard specifies capital value-oriented brand valuation, implementing a market-price-oriented or cost-oriented approach. You are free to decide which method to use. But it should be decided according to the purpose of evaluation, value concept and brand characteristics. However, the standards are presented in great detail, especially the approach to capital value-oriented procedures. From this it can be concluded that its application should have the highest priority. It is also recommended to only use the cost-oriented method if other methods are not suitable. The established brand values ​​can also be checked without hesitation using the cost-based approach.

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The Financial Aspects of Brand

The program requirements will now be . Did you know about our brand management seminars? Brand Valuation Capital Value Approach The capital value approach values ​​a brand based on the present value of future after-tax cash flows, discounted USA CFO using an appropriate capitalization rate. These cash flows must be attributed to the brand and can be determined using the following methods: Cash Flow Calculation Method.

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