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Scientists are also looking for answers to these and many other global questions. But they are not only looking for solutions to specific problems. Research helps to ruce the level of our ignorance, to better understand the world around us and ourselves. And some research turns our thinking upside down and leads to breakthroughs. – At the same time, the result of the work of scientists is not always obvious to the layman? – Yes it is. The desire to get a tangible result from science is very understandable. After all, scientists, especially in Russia, mostly work on the money of taxpayers.

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The share of the state in financing science is about 75-80%. At the Bahamas Mobile Number List same time, history teaches us that accepting and understanding some discoveries takes time. For example, Einstein’s special theory of relativity was revolutionary for its time. Did her contemporaries understand the scientist far from science? Not everyone. Even now, there are those who do not understand what is special about it. Was there an understanding of – not immiately. But today, thanks to the findings from this work, we have GPS and are not afraid that the planes will collide in the air. When you invest, for example, in construction, you invest in specific bricks, equipment, professionals You can manage.

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The process and know that in a couple of years there USA CFO will be a building of a certain height and appearance on this site. Can you also manage science? Especially when it comes to finding new, breakthrough areas. Very limit. This is a creative process. There are still situations of the equipment is not enough to move forward. As it was, for example, in the 1970s with AI. — And now, with the development of technology, has the work of scientists become easier? “Easier and more difficult at the same time. Yes, there are more tools to look for patterns and explain what we are seeing. Given that we know a huge array of them, this is great news.

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