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Which might not be there if every guest took their personal hygiene products on a trip. Therefore, in the west, tourist sites are already actively refusing mini-bottles and other disposable devices in the rooms. This choice can be made by the traveler himself, preferring concern for nature to a fleeting whim. Elizabeth Yusupovskaya: “I hate the “buy purchases while traveling, as a rule, are no longer us at home. So any eco-friendly trip should start with packing a suitcase.  rule of ecotourism – wherever you go, leave everything as it was before you. Or do better if you find a discard bottle along the way.

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No ne to pick flowers go off the trails and trample Cameroon Phone Number List new ones, chase animals and insects. An ecotourist is always in the position of an observer and treats the place he has enter with the utmost care. Plan your route in advance and choose your transport This is important both for your own safety and for maintaining the natural balance, which is very easy to disturb. Often, tourists want to get to hard-to-reach places on an SUV. But this can be a fatal mistake for both the ecosystem and the tourists themselves Elizabeth Yusupovskaya.

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I remember how a couple of years ago a group of guys USA CFO went to Vachkazhets – a natural monument in Kamchatka , a forest and Lake Takhkoloch. Tourists travel by car throughout the reserve and drown the car in the lake. Now at the entrance to this park there is a shield forbidding entry by car. I think that any such signs and rules should be observ not even out of fear of punishment or a fine, but out of respect for the place.” Restriction signs signal that the car will not pass through the territory and will harm the local ecosystem.

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