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Perhaps this is due to the departure of foreign

The universities are the same, the number is plus or minus the same. It’s just that juniors are beginners with no work experience, but they can already solve routine tasks with the constant support of a mentor (middle or senior). They have an ucation from a university or a course, knowlge and understanding of how things work, but they do not require experience. This is and we are now operating in a situation of constant transformation. Therefore, the June of the present is more likely a person with minimal (up to a year) experience in the industry or who has complet an internship and is able to perform certain tasks, but at the same time he still nes to grow inside the company.

What happens in the classical market

Jun is a specialist with about 1-2 years of commercial Malaysia Phone Number List development experience. Unlike the two previous categories, he comes to the June position with a fairly serious potential. Most likely, he will ne the help of colleagues, but he can do a lot on his own, and not only routine operations. The current requests of employers under the category “junior +” mean people with experience for 2-3 years. In fact, this is a middle in the generally accept sense. This approach becomes profitable for companies: lower salaries and a wider range of candidates. The structure of vacancies in classical IT.

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The demand for graphic designers has been greatly

Everything relat to development, administration, infrastructure – has not chang. According to our internal analytics, the number of vacancies in the USA CFO field of information security has increas, developers of mobile platforms are still requir. But the design market has chang a lot. There are more vacancies for UX/UI designers. Companies with their platforms.  ruc because many agencies have left. The main thing that has chang in the requirements for juniors is that 90% of employers began to consider work experience (up to a year) as mandatory.

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