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Sphere and deliberately misl consumers’ perceptions.  and the company’s image will be severely damag. Consequences. Customer backlash from consumers Devaluation of markets. products. or entire companies Negative news Public anger on social mia channels Criticism of stealth marketing The risks of stealth marketing outweigh the benefits. the professor emphasizes. Michael Berneck from the German Marketing Institute. The idea of ​​stealth marketing can basically work if the product is good enough. but in the end customers will be deceiv.

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It’s dangerous to stage something that seems to . but turns out to be advertising. Many people believe that stealth marketing violates ethical El Salvador Phone Number List principles. Some have call for this type of advertising to be bann. especially when a company clearly leaves its known communication channels to deliberately mislead customers. They also claim that companies should inform customers of new marketing campaigns so they can think more critically about the company’s marketing campaigns. Since . the Anti-Unfair Competition Law prohibits any form of subliminal and disguis advertising. Therefore. deciding to run a covert marketing campaign in Germany is very risky. as it is often not clear when the advertisement starts and where it ends.

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The communication mium. that is. the USA CFO product. must be regard as an advertising ambassador in Germany. but this goes against the definition of stealth marketing. Invisible marketing application fields Invisible marketing measures can be divid into two fields. online and offline. Online measures include pages masquerading as how-to guides. travel blogs. vlogs. etc. to give the impression that the site was creat by a private person. Advertis products are plac or recommend in various.

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