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Stimulus filters. systems responsible. For hiding rundant information from our perception. On a case-by-case basis are not activat. Of messages hidden in invisible campaigns attention and processing. As a result. the customer develops a more positive attitude toward the advertis product and is more willing to make a recommendation since he does not attribute the change in attitude to the advertis measure. Opportunities and Risks of Stealth Marketing Stealth marketing offers ad agencies some opportunities. but also risks. Companies should be aware of the risks and possible consequences before planning a covert operation.

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Stealth marketing measures can quickly be Egypt Phone Number List identifi by to defensive reactions and the failure of marketing campaigns even before the advertising message is successfully disseminat. Opportunities and risks are. Opportunities. Riskadvertising Tends to build trust Customers cause a snowball effect among consumers Acquiring new customers Perceives stealth marketing as insidious The line between sneaky and deceptive is thin Successful control can be difficult to exce Laws and Regulations Considerable Ethical Boundaries The weakness of stealth marketing is that the success of an ad cannot.

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Be precisely plann or measur ex-ante or USA CFO ex-post. This also applies to the prictability of the reach. number of contacts and effectiveness of the campaign. As a result. the evaluation of the campaigns carri out is difficult because there are no calculable signs that can provide information on the effectiveness of stealth marketing. Consequences of Stealth Marketing Stealth marketing practices can lead to boycotts and subsequent product destruction if they are found to have excessively penetrat the personal.

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