We are pleas with the results of this year

The total revenue of participants in the CPE market was 44% higher than in the third quarter and reach RUB 10.2 billion. At the same time, some companies note that their profit indicators even increas, as they prepar for a more negative scenario and sought to save. Marianna Snigireva, CEO of the ucational platform “Netology , given the negative impact of various events on the adult CPE segment. Compar to the previous year, Netology grew by almost 50%, and we exce the profit target by 44%. Traffic has decreas this year due to the loss of significant advertising tools.

Were able to cope with by finding an alternative

We were able to significantly improve conversion Italy Phone Numbers List rates by working with the company’s product and brand. Because of this, we made up for the drop in sales.” Sergey Astafiev, CEO of the pro Academy , also notes the problem of closing advertising platforms as one of the main ones, which, nevertheless, companies. “The referral system through recommendations has receiv a very strong development. The share of affiliate traffic with us, for example, reach 60%. I think that referral systems, collaborations with bloggers and CPA networks will become the main trends of 2023-24.” Market participants also note the role of state subsidies in the training of scarce specialists, which should continue further.

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Who can develop domestic digital software

Georgy Babayan head and founder of the Elbrus USA CFO Bootcamp programming school: “In 2023, the increase in public investment in the economy and ucation will continue. Against the backdrop of the departure of foreign companies and the outflow of personnel abroad, the Russian economy will ne specialists. Therefore, this year we can expect the continuation of the implementation of state projects for the training of IT specialists, similar to the Digital Professions project of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development. Leaders The market leader remains Skillbox Holding (including Geekbrains and SkillFactory.

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