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What does it mean Noise in the ears is call

Affect the well-being of the participants in the experiment. According to Grant Seinfeld, a professor of audiology at the University of Auckland, therapy with UpSilent rewires the brain so that it perceives tinnitus as background noise and does not focus on it. Extraneous sounds that a person hears, although there is no external source that […]

The developers of one of the metaprojects

This immiately brings to mind the emerging metaverses and the ability to create very realistic digital avatars for them. Second Life, are quite open about the fact that their project has a contact simulation function. then why aren’t the metaverses platforms for the virtual of the future? And the devices that transmit sensations can be […]

Why Bard Wrong Bard is bas on a large language

A promotional video on Google’s Twitter account. In it, the chatbot was ask the following question, among other things : “What recent discoveries of the James Webb space telescope can you tell a nine-year-old child about?”. Bard’s answer was that the telescope was able to take the very first pictures of planets outside the solar […]

The collective use of goods or services

Rubtsova believes that the syndrome of hoarding is unlikely to be ruc only to economic fears. “In hoarding there is sentimentality and a distort solicitude for one’s own past. During a period of heighten anxiety, finding stability seems to be the most effective way to survive.” You can buy, own and not use, or you […]

The companies that will offer the most favorable

Store is traditionally decorat with a r bow. The department store is design by a creative team. Most of the toys are purchas at international exhibitions, some are made to order, and the floristry is creat locally. Every year, a New Year’s bazaar opens at the Central Department Store, where all the main attributes of […]

The sights but one way or another

Ecotourism as a combination of travel and volunteering, is quite develop in our country. For example, the Clean Arctic project has exist for several years now, thanks to which 110 hectares of Arctic territories have already been clear of garbage that has been accumulating since the 80s and 90s. As part of volunteer programs, children […]

The hippocampus are not fully understood

So the brain looks for similarities between new and past experiences, and a person gets a feeling of something familiar that he cannot pinpoint. The hippocampus is a part of the brain that is involv in the mechanisms of memory formation.  that when we perceive new information, the hippocampus can associate it with the existing […]

The emergence of the moon from small satellites

One of the weaknesses of this theory is the inability to explain the different densities of the Moon and the Earth . Planetologist William Hartmann,  express doubts that two celestial bodies could have form from the same substance, but one of them, the Earth, has an iron core, and the other, the Moon, is practically […]