The neural network began to give

Azure platform She helped him practice Chinese and just communicate by answering non-standard requests. But after a few weeks, the project froze – short answers or forget about the essence of the dialogue. Midjourney can be used both on a shared server and added to your own if it has no more than 10 thousand participants. To do this, you need to click on the bot in the list of users on the right and select “Add to server”. Midjourney setup There are several channels on the Midjourney server in Discord: Announcements post announcements from developers Status report.

It is advisable to choose the newest one

Technical problems Rules post rules for users. To preconfigure Belize Phone Number List the generation parameters, you need to: send the settings command in the Newbie chat; in the parameters window that appears, configure the version of the engine. (MJ 4). MJ Test is two experimental images instead of four, and MJ Test Photo is a photorealistic engine; adjust image quality. To wait less, you need to select Base quality (basic); choose the level of styling. Medium or Style med seems to be optimal, since in high and very high modes the neural network can produce a result that is far from the request; adjust the image enlargement algorithm Regular upscale is standard.

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Relax mode without a counter

While Light upscale increases the resolution of the USA CFO image but adds less detail. In Beta mode, you can get twice the size of Regular, but this mode is unstable; select access mode. Public mode – public, Private mode – paid; set processing mode. Only Fast mode is available for free – instant, with a generation counter.- paid; turn on the Remix mode, which will allow you to combine pictures and work with the finished image. How to correctly formulate a request to Midjourney In order for the picture to.

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