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Containing chlorine or bromine Derivatives of these compounds at low temperatures in the atmosphere can destroy ozone. The first such hole was found in 1985 in the Southern Hemisphere over Antarctica. People have changed nature so much that they have created new climatic conditions on the planet. It is no longer possible to return to the original parameters, and scientists are learning to apply new technologies to manage irreversible consequences. According to many scientists, we have entered a new geological era – the Anthropocene  man.

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The main determining factor affecting the Earth’s Cyprus Phone Number List ecosystem. Excessive intervention in nature has created many problems, including the emergence of invasive plant and animal species. Introduced either accidentally or deliberately to new soil, reats to native flora and fauna. Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Colbert talks about  to possibly solve this environmental problem, as well as other consequences of human activity.  “Under the White Sky” by Elizabeth Colbert. The material was prepared in collaboration with the Alpina non-fiction publishing house . Initially, the toad-aga lived in South and Central America, as well as in the very south of Texas.

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In the middle of the 19th century, they were brought to USA CFO the Caribbean. The idea was that the toads would eat beetle larvae that were damaging the region’s main cash crop, sugar cane. (The cane itself, by the way, was also imported, only from New Guinea.) From the Caribbean, toads came to Hawaii, and from there to Australia. In 1935, 102 toads were loaded onto a steamer in Honolulu. All but one survived the journey and ended up at a research station on the northeast coast of Australia where sugar cane is grown. During the year they laid more than 1.5 million eggs. The tadpoles that were born were specially released into the rivers and ponds of the region.

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