This approach is call the in bioreactor

By special methods, all antigens are remov from them (these are the very particles that make the body fight the implant). Larisa Volova, Head of the Center for Biomical Cellular Products of the Competence Center of the NTI Samara State Mical University: “Tissue engineering is the use of biological materials, cellular technologies to create individual or serial products. We have our own technology for the manufacture of bioimplants from human connective and supporting tissues using a patent technology. It allows you to remove cells with antigenic properties, some proteins, but at the same time preserve all the biologically active components that are involv in the regenerative process.

We are talking about bone damage

When the bioimplant is plac in the damag area, it temporarily Uruguay Phone Number List replaces the defect, stimulating the restoration of its own tissue. If then the transformation of a bioimplant can be represent as follows: restoration of the anatomical integrity of the bone and its function; embding in bone tissue; sprouting with blood vessels and nerves, filling with the patient’s own cells; slow resorption (resorption), with the formation of the patient’s own bone tissue in its place. In some clinical situations, with significant tissue damage, the bioimplantation process takes a more complicat path. First, the bioimplant is plant in the patient’s tissue near the defect site and “connect” to the blood vessels.

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Which will be easy and convenient

After the bioimplant is fill with its own cells, it is mov USA CFO along with the vessels to the area of ??damage with the elimination of the bone defect.  Larisa Volova: “We create bioimplants according to their structure and structure corresponding to the bones in the area of ??damage. If you ne to make an implant for a bone of a complex shape (for example, the lower jaw) or an individual shape, then first the area of ??interest is scann and the product is 3D modell. Then personaliz bioimplants are made on special CNC machines to use during operations.” From bioimplants to 3D.

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