The situation is exacerbat by global warming

Migration of domain users, building a role structure, organizing hybrid infrastructures, certification of services, etc. The most demand services were Secure Email Gateway (secure e-mail gateway) – the revenue of this product increas by more than 20 times. Beeline analysts attribute the increas interest in information security to the fact that in 2022 users also fac an increase in the number of cybercrimes. Scientists have develop a new technology that will help protect infrastructure and people during severe thunderstorms. Let’s talk about it in detail What is lightning scientifically Lightning is a stream of charg particles. In clouds, when form, they are mostly electrically neutral, accumulating both positive and negative charges.

The charge builds up in a cloud and gradually

Standard lightning is uneven discharges of bright light. They can Venezuela Phone Number List move between clouds and also move to the upper atmosphere. Reaches a very high voltage, which makes its way through the air. The pushing force then allows it to flow down and discharge into the ground or nearby buildings. Lightning is a serious danger Lightning causes serious damage to buildings and infrastructure, and can also lead to death. a 2014 study show that each new degree Celsius increases the amount of lightning by 12%. Therefore, scientists are actively looking for new ways to solve this problem.

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Creating an ioniz path in the direction

Often lightning rods (also call lightning rods) are us to protect USA CFO buildings from lightning . Metal has a higher electrical conductivity than air. If you place a metal rod in the ground, the lightning will take the path of least resistance and hit it. Many researchers believe that some thunderstorms may be caus by cosmic rays (high-energy particles that come from outside the solar system). They pass through the atmosphere and interact with the air, of travel. The scientist Themis Kronis from the Greek Center for Marine Research gives this analogy: “You can imagine the atmosphere around the Earth.

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