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Which are easy to represent in the form of an algorithm. Therefore, the authors of the study calculated routine indices for professions from the International Standard Classification of Occupations. The index could take values ??from – to ,  activities, and is predominantly routine. In % of professions, the index turned out to be below zero, that is, most of the tasks associated with them are non-routine. The index of % of professions was equal to – , i.e. a specialist of this profile performs only non-routine activities. Index was assigned by experts to % of professions. It is their representatives who risk giving way to artificial intelligence and robots.

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Office workers industrial equipment operators and Croatia Phone Number List other low-skilled professionals are most at risk. A lesser threat turned out to be for managers and employees with a high level of qualification. Researchers believe that we can talk about a high risk of automation for a profession if % of its tasks are routine. According to the results of the study, this list included professions, in which . % of Russians are engaged. However, for % of workers, the risk of automation now remains low. What does it mean According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by , artificial intelligence will replace million people worldwide. Neural networks sometimes become an alternative to humans, not only in areas requiring routine tasks for example.

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Artificial intelligence leads political party

The robot girl Tang Yu headed a Chinese online game USA CFO developer company, and the artificial intelligence chatbot Leader Lars became the official and leader of the Danish political parties. social economy  in Denmark At the same time, according to WEF experts, million new jobs will appear thanks to automation and AI.  of algorithms and maintenance of robots. The authors of the report also say that the benefits of such changes will be felt by the healthcare sector. One of the professions of the future in the medical field is the operator of medical robots.

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