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Researchers from the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences found that robots will replace only 11.2% of Russians in their workplaces. You can automate only the work where a person performs routine actions of the same type, of an algorithm. Therefore, the authors of the study calculat routine indices for 427 professions from the International Standard Classification of Occupations. The index could take values ??from -1 to 1, where -1 is professions involving non-routine activities, and 1 is prominantly routine. For 74% of professions.

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The index turn out to be below zero, that is, most of the Bahamas Mobile Number List tasks associat with them are non-routine. The index of 37% of professions was equal to a specialist of this profile performs only non-routine activities. Index 1 was assign by experts to 6% of professions. It is their representatives who risk giving way to artificial intelligence and robots. Office workers, industrial equipment operators and other low-skill professionals are most at risk. and employees with a high level of qualification. Researchers believe that we can talk about a high risk of automation for a profession if 70% of its tasks are routine. According to the results of the study.

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The function of deleting traumatic memories

This list includ 71 professions, which are practic by 11.2% of USA CFO Russians. However, for 56% of workers, the risk of automation now remains low. What does it mean According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by 2025, artificial intelligence will replace 85 million people worldwide. with the help of neurochips: for example, can be relatively useful for people with PTSD, however, the decision to delete this or that information can be made by a third party, and then the person undergoing the procure , risks losing its identity. When will the era of transhumanism come. who suits you the most. Or that you can use AR projections with your optical implant.

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