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Government Services making appointments with doctors and paying fines. Digitalization is going on in all spheres and areas of services and will continue to grow. What you ne from the platform — On which sites do Russians prefer to order services? — Our service search platform is us by 57% of the country’s Internet audience.  social networks, other online services with ads, specializ sites and forums for finding performers within a particular market, for example, Chinese language tutors, although such a service can also be found within our platform, as we say, if you didn’t find something on Avito.

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You most likely won’t find it anywhere else. In general Italy Phone Numbers List more than half (62%) of customers prefer to use only one site when ordering services, and only slightly more than a third always visit several sites. Avito is us by 53% of all specialists and small teams in the service sector – you can find masters for solving different problems within the same platform, and this is convenient for users. — What are the requirements of the audience to the platforms? — Clients also care about the security that platforms provide. 12% use various features that increase the security of the transaction.

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For example we launch verification of a passport USA CFO or driver’s license for private masters, after which a “documents verifi” badge appears in the specialist’s account. And, of course, the Russians have appreciat the benefits of online and are returning to platforms for repeat orders. It is interesting that with the transition of even everyday communication to the chat format, the proportion of those – every fourth customer nam this reason as important when choosing an ordering service. Another 23% use services to make an appointment with the masters, and 17% hunt on platforms for discounts.

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