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Working with large amounts of data

Most of the data will be generated by the companies themselves. Not their customers. At the same time, an ordinary user will communicate. With various devices that generate data about 4,800 times a day. The first Big Data was used five years ago in IT, telecom and banks. of data is accumulated about transactions. Geolocation, search queries and profiles on the Web. In 2019, the profit from the use of big data was estimated at $189 billion. Hich is 12% more than in 2018, while by 2022 it will double annually. Now in the USA more than 55% of companies work with big data [11] , in Europe and Asia – about 53%. Over the past five years alone, the spread of Big Data in business has tripled.

The storage and processing of Big Data

What are the problems and prospects of Big Data? Main Cambodia Phone Number List problems: Big data is heterogeneous and therefore difficult to process for statistical inference. The more parameters required for forecasting, the more errors accumulate in the analysis; online requires huge computing power. Such resources are very expensive, and so far only available to large corporations; is associated with increased vulnerability to cyber attacks and all kinds of leaks. A prime example is the Facebook profile scandals.

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It is in these areas that a large amount

The collection of big data is often associated with a USA CFO privacy issue: not everyone wants their every action to be tracked and transferred to third parties. The heroes of the podcast “What has changed” explain why there is no more privacy on the Web , and the tech giants know everything about us; Big data is used for their own purposes not only by corporations, but also by politicians : for example, to influence elections . Pros and prospects: Big data helps to solve global problems – for example, fight a pandemic , find cures for cancer and prevent an environmental crisis ; Big Data is a good tool for creating smart.

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