A robot can interact with several systems

Weaknesses and growth areas, select training methods and draw up a program, allocate time for this. Know the industry. In addition to the ability to work with the most popular RPA platforms, a specialist must understand how relat technologies work. In corporations – with dozens of systems. It is useful to understand their nuances security. You ne to consider how this can affect the performance of the robot. More often, the RPA platform interacts with rather slow (relational) databases, but there are tasks that require higher spes. In this case, you will have to study columnar databases.

There are features in the organization of information

Working in the field of RPA, you can learn many things Sweden Phone Numbers List using the principle of learning by doing – all the knowlge gain can be immiately appli to real projects. For example, master working with databases, programming in, Java, Python, business intelligence and special technologies: Process Mining, AI/ML and even VR. And this is an effective way to build a successful career in IT. barriers There are no insurmountable obstacles to starting a career in RPA – everything can be learn in a relatively short time. However, there are difficulties that you should be aware of before choosing this profession. First, the IT landscape has chang significantly over the past year.

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In case of problems or errors you ne to figure

Foreign platforms offering user-friendly interfaces, in-depth training materials and community support have left the Russian market. Russian solutions are developing rapidly, but do not yet have the same degree of developer and user friendliness. Mastering them USA CFO from scratch is more difficult. It is easier for an experienc specialist – a programmer or an RPA developer – to rebuild. Accordingly, the community was critically ruc. Previously, the solution to any of your problems could be found on English-language forums, but now there is no such possibility. It out yourself or involve more experienc colleagues. And this is another disadvantage of a novice specialist for an employer.

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