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With such specialists, they conclude a contract, the provision of services or an author’s order. The boundaries between outsourcing and outstaffing are less obvious. In both cases, this is a long-term relationship. Only in the first case amount of work and concludes a service agreement. The customer does not care who and where will deal with the tasks, the main thing is that they are perform efficiently and on time. For example, an outsourcer may provide accounting services to the firm on an ongoing basis. She will not care who, where and how does it.

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If everything works properly. When outstaffing, companies enter into an agreement on the provision of personnel. In this case, the customer pays for specific specialists for a specific workplace. So, you can find an outstaffer seller store. It is more important here Turkey Phone Number List not how many clients the employee will serve, but  he will be busy with business. Any functions and business processes can be outsourc: PR, marketing, IT, HR, accounting, customer support, cleaning, security and food. The main thing is that the outsourcing company performs its tasks professionally. Another rule is that you cannot delegate to other people the elements that are key to your business.

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For example if an organization prepares pastries, hiring USA CFO utsourcers to deliver pies can be quite effective. But if the contracting firm begins to come up with recipes and bake for you, your business will simply lose its essence. For an employer, outsourcing begins with the selection of a contractor. For example, if you ne accounting services, you can focus on the RAEX rating . Then you should study potential candidates: price lists, cooperation options, customer reviews and experience. Before concluding an agreement, you can also visit the office of an outsourcing company to find out how and under what conditions its employees work.

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