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Where a person cannot get in touch with the experience of another, cannot understand his experiences. This happens when a person himself did not live like this. The highest level of empathy can be call a situation in of another, even if he himself did not live them. Here are some more signs that you are an empath [ 7 ]: you unconsciously repeat the movements of the interlocutor; quickly “infect” with the emotions of others; feel the pain of another person; easily recognize emotions by facial expressions; it’s easier for you to try new things if you see that the other person enjoy it; you tend to help people; you are not prone to aggression.

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Types of empathy Psychologist Paul Ekman and, following Singapore Phone Number List him, science journalist Daniel Goleman identifi three types of empathy [ 8 ]. cognitive empathy The ability to understand what another person is feeling or thinking. It is bas on intellectual processes: comparison, analogy and others. This kind of empathy is very useful in business: for example, a manager with a strong ability for cognitive empathy will be good at negotiations and management. At the same time, a cognitive empath can remain a cold person. That is, an intellectual understanding.

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What is happening with another person is not enough to help him. Moreover, some people may use cognitive empathy to harm others. That is why a person USA CFO nes not only cognitive, but also other types of empathy. Emotional (affective) empathy  involv in the problem of another. Such “infection” with someone else’s emotion largely occurs under the influence of mirror neurons — brain cells that are excit when we perform an action or notice how other people perform it [ 9 ] this action – as if trying it on itself Emotional empathy.

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