Where state corporations attract freelance

We recently did research and talk to people about part-time jobs. One of the respondents said that he work in a full-time company, but then he realiz that a shift schule was more convenient for him. He came to the management and said thatand work through the application. That is, the employee himself offer the company to start cooperating with the side job service. – Can such formats to some extent replace permanent hiring? For example, if the self-employ are provid with social guarantees. — I don’t think that freelancing will ever become the dominant format. Being self-employ is not comfortable for everyone. Some part of people would like to constantly work in one place.

The want to change the format

About five years ago it was said about freelancing in the IT Sri Lanka Phone Number List ield that now all IT specialists will work remotely and live on the islands. But that did not happen. Here is the same. Of course, the volume of freelancing will increase. The services market has add 12% over the past three years and reach 6% of GDP. PwC surveys show that a quarter of companies in Russia plan to replace up to 30% of their employees with freelancers. freelance-friendly. For example, Gazprom Neft launch the Professionals 4.0 platform specialists.

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State-own companies are also becoming

Askona Group of Companies (part of Askona Life Group), a well-known manufacturer of products for healthy sleep and a participant in the RBC 500 rating, has launch a subscription to mattresses of its own production About the expert: Roman Ershov, President of USA CFO Askona Life Group. He holds an Executive MBA degree and graduat from the Startup Academy of the Skolkovo Business School. Ranks 4th in the TOP-250 rating of Russian managers in the category “Manufacturing of consumer goods” in 2020. Askona Life Group is a diversifi holding headquarter in Dobrograd.

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