We can positively influence our thoughts

Plagiarism Are the beliefs from the series a real man should do this and that, and you are a rag”, decent people don’t do that” really yours? Or is it a voice from childhood mother’s, father’s, teacher’s? Maybe other people’s thoughts and judgments are still scrolling in your head, which it is high time to get rid of? Psychologist and business coach Mikhail Kasatkin believes that it will be useful for introspection to make two lists. In the first, said to you as a child, in the second, the positive things that you want to hear from them, but did not wait.

Write down the words that your parents

After analyzing both lists, you will see that your inner UK Phone Number List critic often speaks in the words of your parents. Try to gradually replace this accusatory speech with a positive one – say to yourself those words from the second list that you want to hear as a child. Praise and thank yourself A positive alternative to self-criticism is self-praise and gratitude, it will be harder for you to criticize yourself. Psychologist Mikhail Kasatkin recommends every day before going to b to remember the moments for which you can praise yourself.

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If you are more generous with praise

At first this exercise may cause resistance, but over USA CFO time, the psychologist is convinc, it will improve sleep and well-being you will fall asleep faster and feel happier. As an option – waking up in the morning, do not immiately grab the phone, but start a new day with gratitude to yourself and your life. . Change your vocabulary Clinical psychologist Yulia Ryazanova is sure that by replacing the words with which we mentally reward ourselves, feelings and behavior. If you change just a couple of words in a critical statement, then the meaning of the whole phrase will become completely different.

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