Does not think about health and consequences

We are talking about the earliest years of a child’s life, when the first contact with the outside world takes place, it is then that things are form that will help us cope with” the expert believes. Frustration and aggression In a normal situation, frustration gives our life the “drive” necessary to achieve the desir goal. But if time passes, and the goal is still far away, frustration can cause negative states: exhaustion, depression, increas aggressiveness. According to Vladimir Shlyapnikov, in such situations, a person directs his aggression towards people who are not the cause of frustration, but simply “fall under the arm.

What we call frustration in later life

Often parents dissatisfi with life, break down on their children. Then these children, in a situation where it is necessary to solve a difficult problem, use the same List of Mobile Phone Numbers non-constructive behavior model – they begin to offend weaker classmates or treat animals rudely, ”the expert notes. According to him, sometimes frustration leads to the fact that a person directs aggression towards himself. In a state of auto-aggression, he risks his life, and his behavior becomes self-destructive. This can sometimes lead to heavy drinking and drug addiction. As we mention, being frustrat can have a positive effect. Psychologists note that the feeling of dissatisfaction encourages us to move on, do something and create.

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The inevitable states of frustration during

It can serve not only as a powerful source of development USA CFO both for an individual and for society. Experts interview by RBC Trends argue that humanity is making progress, among other things, thanks to situations where at the moment it was impossible to solve the problem facing a person, for which new ways of solving it were invent. Therefore, constructive behavior do not interfere, but even help to build a career. “For example, a person work hard for a promotion, but the boss explain to him that there would be no promotion.

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