It is better not to set the promotion

If the ad site you have chosen has the option to enable delivery, you should do so. You can also deliver the goods yourself or a third-party courier service. But delivery by the site allows you to make the process as transparent as possible and minimizes conflict situations and force majeure. For example, the Avito Delivery service for business guarantees and will be able to return it without any problems or refuse to purchase at the collection point if the condition does not match what the seller promis. And the seller ensures the complete safety of all shipments (if something happens to the goods or it is lost, the seller will receive full compensation for the cost.

The buyer that he will receive his goods

A guarantee of payment from the buyer. Avito experts Peru Phone Number List recommend promoting the most popular positions first of all – this will help to attract more attention to both the product itself and the store page. This tactic increases customer loyalty: if the first purchase was successful, the person will be interest to know what else this seller has. In addition for one day, but to plan the entire campaign right away: determine the term, select the services you ne, set the optimal promotion periods bas on when your audience is most active.

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If a product has noticeably more views

Step Explore analytics and make adjustments To USA CFO understand if your promotion work, you ne to study the statistics . For example, but the number of sales has not increas, it is worth changing the description, title, or photo. You can also try to ruce the price or arrange a promotion. In addition, with the help of analytics, you can roughly calculate the sales funnel. Let’s say your product has 100,000 views, 2,000 contacts, and 500 sales. And you invest ?20 thousand in promotion. Accordingly, if you invest ?30 thousand, you will get approximately 150 thousand views, 2650 contacts and 750 sales.

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