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Contributes to the appearance of vascular plaques in the arteries, and the reproduction of cancer cells. In other words, there is a relationship between social status and health. For example, employees in the 40 to 64 age group at the bottom of the office hierarchy are four times more likely to die than their high-ranking counterparts. Strata has a significant effect, but the facts show that a smoker in a status position is more likely to get sick because of his habit than a similar smoker with a higher rank. However, high status may not always be ti to a career track. We compete in several directions at the same time.

The author distinguishes three main types

Dominance virtue success  of status games. In dominance Belarus Phone Number List status is achiev by force or intimidation. In Virtue Games, status is given to players who exhibit qualities that are highly valu in that society, such as loyalty to duty, patriotism, obience, or upholding moral standards. Games of success require professional skills, talents or knowlge. Dominance is the most ancient game, it is ubiquitous in the animal kingdom, it is the simplest and most instinctive behavior pattern that can be trigger in a variety of situations.

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We are talking about the games of virtue

Will Storr gives the example of a high-ranking official USA CFO clashing with the traffic police and a scandalous attempt to be the first to use her status to get the desir behavior from employees. As a person develops, dominance is increasingly changing to games of a higher order, where reputation and prestige are involv instead of fear. (religion and new ethics) and success (sports and business). In them, unlike dominance, status is not seiz by force, others themselves reward you with prestige and attention. Most of the status games we find ourselves in combine features of all three.

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