What is the technology of the subscription

Rrcently a different format has appear: a corporate subscription to a fleet. We tell you what it is and who benefits from using it. To the fleet come about? In the spring of 2021, the global auto industry was hit by a crisis. Companies such as Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and Mitsubishi have suspend and slow production due to the chip shortage, according to Bloomberg . Now, in order to rent cars, companies have to stand on a waiting list for several months and overpay due to increas demand. Updating your own fleet has also become an expensive pleasure.

How did the corporate subscription

Business cannot refuse cars: companies use transport 1000 Mobile Phone Number List to deliver goods, send parcels and documents, and deliver personnel. Therefore, there are more and more new formats for using cars without the ne to purchase your own cars: for example, a corporate fleet subscription service. The specialists of Yandex Drive were the first in Russia to develop such a service . The fleet subscription format is similar to car sharing services. Here, too, you do not ne to service the cars yourself, refuel them and repair them, in addition, you can transfer to transport of a higher class at any time. But there are also differences.

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You can start and end car rental at any time

Customers of the subscription model make periodic USA CFO payments for a certain period of use of the fleet (for example, a year), and the car remains at the disposal of the company all this time.  format Customers do not queue for cars. It is enough for companies to subscribe to the fleet and get any number of cars at the right time. Customers note that they do not have to worry about deadlines and pay for downtime. For example, an online store can rent cars by subscription during the high season in order to have time to deliver.

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