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A change in tastes and smells is also not in patients with anemia, which is associat with a low content of hemoglobin in the blood (especially in the case of iron deficiency anemia)”, Before the pandemic, little was known about parosmia because it is usually a side effect of the underlying disease. It is not that scary, and can also pass over time, so it is of little interest for research. However, now that millions of people have fac this problem, it is quite possible that in the coming years, scientists will have to study the mechanisms of its occurrence and methods of struggle.

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Why did parosmia and anosmia become Argentina Mobile Number List common in covid? The fact is that the coronavirus multiplies in the upper respiratory tract, including in the nasal mucosa, where receptors are sensitive to olfactory stimuli. In addition, it is neurotropic, that is, it affects the central nervous system and is capable of infecting neurons. At the moment, research is not enough to say something for sure, but there is evidence that not only the mucous membrane, but also the bodies of the olfactory neurons that are in the brain can be affect.

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Whether it is even possible to cope

When trying to find information about this problem USA CFO people are fac with completely different facts: so far there are no reliable studies on the causes of parosmia or proven methods of treating it, and it is not clear with it. At the same time, parosmia becomes a serious inconvenience for many – distort odors make food and even plain water disgusting, which leads to problems with nutrition, and then with the mental state and health in general. In search of answers and support, people create entire online communities and the latest research. How common is parosmia? Scientific publications give very different data on how many.

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