Their diameter can range from several tens

The largest cluster of these celestial bodies is between Jupiter and Mars, it is call the main asteroid belt. Scientists note that there may be from 700 thousand to 1.7 million asteroids. They can also be found outside the belt, for example, near the Sun, near Neptune, and about 9 thousand pass near the Earth’s orbit. Of meters to thousands of kilometers. Asteroids are divid into classes depending on their composition, they can consist of iron, nickel, silicon and other substances. Now more than 1.1 million asteroids have been discover and nam. Due to the large mass of our planet and gravity.

The idea to establish mining on an asteroid

An his number is increasing every year. Does this mean Japan Phone Number List that there are practically unlimit resources in space? and deliver them to Earth has long been of interest to scientists, but there are a number of financial and technological difficulties. Now it seems more realistic – at least two missions plann by AstroForge this year will show where this idea can lead. Pioneers: American company will launch two spacecraft AstroForge currently employs only 15 people . It was found in California in 2022 by former employees of SpaceX.

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The specifics of the technology were not disclos

Virgin Orbit and NASA. In a few months, the startup USA CFO attract investments in the amount of $13 million, thanks to which it was possible to start implementing an ambitious project. The first device, call Brokkr-1, is schul to be launch into space in April 2023. It will be a kind of intelligence, a test of technology: a material similar to the substance of an asteroid will already be inside, and the device will try to process it and separate metals in weightless conditions. but the company says it will be a “high-end vacuum.” But the second mission, schul for October 2023, already involves landing a larger device Brokkr-2 on an asteroid.

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