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There is a possibility that the problem of donor

These are actively implement technologies that will become common practice in the foreseeable future. “Implantology and science in general have been developing very rapidly in recent years. I think that in 20–30 years we will be able to make almost one hundr percent artificial replacement of blood vessels, ureters, and bile ducts. According to the […]

When this point is reach all people will be resurrect

Are now being seen as a potential treatment for neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. In contrast, critics of transhumanism argue that slowing or reversing aging and increasing human life expectancy will only exacerbate overpopulation. However, transhumanists believe that space colonization can solve this problem . Although transhumanism is characteriz as a materialistic and atheistic or […]

The coronavirus has affect the country economy

Obsessive gathering leads to an overabundance of everyday life. And reusing practices in this context are directly relat to shortages and savings Rubtsova believes. The crisis changes the rules A serious blow to the principles of “rent, not buy” and. Throw away everything you don’t ne” was dealt by the coronavirus, or rather the quarantine. […]

What is the technology of the subscription

Rrcently a different format has appear: a corporate subscription to a fleet. We tell you what it is and who benefits from using it. To the fleet come about? In the spring of 2021, the global auto industry was hit by a crisis. Companies such as Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and Mitsubishi have suspend and […]

Wheat and barley respond to water shortages

It also moves along with the water flow, but in the opposite direction to the auxin. Accordingly, when the roots draw water from their reserves, abscisin is also obtain with it. It closes all the small pores connecting the root cells. Scientists compare this process to the bulkheads on a ship,  in the event of […]

Which every or almost every young scientist

Andrey Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were able to obtain the same two-dimensional material – graphene. They were award the Nobel Prize in 2010 for this discovery. It is beneficial for society to have a system in  has the opportunity to conduct research that is of interest to him personally. Develop your idea, paradigm. Because, firstly, […]

The growth of the market is also supported

A computer vision surveillance system will recognize everyone. Who passes by your apartment and compare the images with the police base. Today, a “smart” home in Russia is basically the Yandex intelligent assistant. Alisa”, which turns on music, searches for information on. The Internet, recommends movies, regulates the lighting and temperature in the house, and […]