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Therefore at the channels and the voices with the greatest value. In particular for: gucci. Armani. Dolce & gabbana. Etro. Versace and gai mattiolo .  Offer to the Public Towards Georgina rodriguez’s voice is worth €3.9m in miv® for yamamay #everybody #celebrity #georginaxyamamay the news relating to the launch by yamamay of the “Everybody” campaign in collaboration with georgina rodriguez dates back to august 2019. We analyz the data relating to online and social. Taking into consideration the period september 2019 – february 2020. With the aim of enhancing the mia impact had by the campaign. Our analysis reveal an overall value of miv® equal to €5.4m.

Values ​​that the Target Consumer is

Find out the details in the blog post. Understanding sustainability – an analysis of data in the fashion and beauty sectors #sustainability #fashion #consciousconsumerism looking at the notable shift in the fashion and beauty industries towards greater awareness of sustainable practices. Partly due to consumer nes. We have publish this report on the current state of sustainability. Through our mia impact value™ (miv®) algorithm and using our voices-first approach. We have creat an in-depth analysis aim at better understanding who is driving the sustainability conversation and what still nes to be done. We hope Business database  you enjoy our reading recommendations dicat to the fashion sector. If you’re interest in looking at recent industry insights.

Looking for Rather Than at the Characters

Download our report below:the challenges cmos face today stem from the fact that their marketing strategies should have a holistic approach. Marketing is no longer a silo but. On the contrary. Is increasingly link to product development. Sales. Data. Technology and company philosophy. Marketing informs the different departments and vice versa they inform marketing. So what is the biggest  USA Cfo marketing challenge for a luxury brand in 2020? How are companies and marketers responding to these new challenges? And more importantly.

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