To the Level of Identification

To understand the real value that this digital To the Level of Identification marketing strategy represents for brands. We have publish our annual report which describes in detail which are the most effective strategies according to sector professionals. Read case studies and discover how brands successfully collaborate with influencers. The disruption of internal processes: a report on digital transformation #fashionindustry #digitaltransformation in collaboration with internet retailing. We examin how technology is transforming the fashion industry and also how innovation is driving brands to implement new digital processes to serve new digital consumers.

Identification Design by Looking

The main contents you will find in the report are: insights from leading internet retailing industry experts. Smythson and hugo boss. To name a few. The  To the Level of Identification current state and context of digital transformation in industry. In numbers. The impact of new roles in it such as ctos. Cios and digital transformation managers. An analytical look at digital transformation in fashion companies. Follow by case studies on debenhams and kate spade. Chiara ferragni: a study on the business lead  power of influencers #theferragnez #influencermarketing in order to understand the power

More at the Themes Settings and

Represent by influencers in terms of awareness for brands. We carri out an analysis relating to chiara ferragni and the mia impact value™ that her marriage had for brands such as dior and lancôme. Inside the document you will find exclusive insights. The miv® data generat by chiara and fez during their wding and the interactions generat for brands by the digital entrepreneur’s marriage. How much is the fashion side of the 70th sanremo festival worth? #sanremo2020 #fashion in february 2020.  USA Cfo On the occasion of the 70th ition of the italian song festival. We analyz some of the italian brands in the fashion and luxury sector present at the festival by looking at the miv® (mia impact value™) data.

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