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Renting and ending a rental has become much faster and easier thanks to advances in technology and IT platforms. We are moving away from the traditional commodity-money-commodity exchange. Therefore, the sharing economy should be consider as a vector around which they are form and which itself forms a whole set of global trends. This is a “smart city” with transport and housing system, and the rational use of resources, and responsible consumption, and the creation of new business models. It is also important that the sharing economy concerns each of us here and now. Only a narrow group of specialists work with some trends and phenomena.

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Others are direct to the distant future, while the principle of joint consumption is available to people of all professions, ages and social statuses. In turn, NES Greece Phone Number List professor Sergey Izmalkov identifies three approaches to understanding what the modern sharing economy is. Philistine. Sharing is just a set of new businesses, new services that essentially duplicate the old ones, but due to the development of technologies, are more flexible and convenient Sociological. Shar consumption as a process brings more satisfaction than owning something. You can watch the video stream to discuss it with other viewers, or you can contribute to the environment by deciding not to use your personal car for a while.

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The resistance of companies and entire

Economic More efficient use of resources, be it clothing USA CFO transport or workspace. and Uber, AirBnb and WeWork, Avito and YouDo successfully compete with hotels, taxi companies and the newspaper ad section. This is not an easy task, givenĀ  sectors that are being squeez and squeez out by new services. can be the creation of new business models. Thus, Chulok from the Higher School of Economics anticipates the further development of hybrid forms of doing business – for example, when a traditional player launches an innovative subsidiary business within the sharing economy.

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