The forecast of a neuroscientist perhaps

Professor Robert Sapolsky is anxious about what will happen after , but sees hope for a change for the better. RBC Trends collect scientist’s forecasts Change through generations According to Robert Sapolsky, the effects of traumatic events – one of which is the conflict in Ukraine – can extend over three generations. This can continue all the way to grandchildren, as women who experience the shock of pregnancy will produce more stress hormones in their bodies, resulting in a baby with an enlarg amygdala. and even great-grandchildren of survivors of the Holocaust, epigenetic changes characteristic of former prisoners of concentration camps – at the level of neurobiology.

Thus scientists have found in the grandchildren

The endocrine system and a tendency to certain Macedonia Phone Number List diseases. Sapolsky also said that studies are now underway on children who were born during the most alarming periods of the covid crisis. The task of scientists is to find out how this affect development, whether it caus any epigenetic changes. According to in years it will turn out that their body works differently, because their intrauterine development took place during the pandemic. “things or the most boring things, but they will be,” he suggests. There will be no war with robots In a conversation with journalist Irina Shikhman (includ by the Ministry of Justice in the list of foreign agents.

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The changes may be about some unusual

Sapolsky express the opinion that there would be no USA CFO war with another species or, for example, with robots. “People will be too busy fighting each other. We can count on this with greater certainty, unfortunately,” he said. At the same time, Sapolsky express the hope that human nature could change and the wars in the world could stop. According to him, it can happen suddenly. As an example, he cit the Swes, who in the th century “were the most terrible, quarrelsome and aggressive people in Europe.

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