The longer the flight the more dangerous

Component of global society . Technology affects life as much as laws, so they ne to be subject to similar democratic control. How techno-optimistic is Russia Russia is a country of techno-optimists. These conclusions were reach by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), after conducting a survey among the population in 2020. 63% of Russians are sure that over the past 20 years science has had a positive impact on the life of the country. Despite this, pessimistic citizens are also necessary for, relatively speaking, a critical assessment of innovations, says Sergey Gataullin, dean of the Faculty of Digital Economy and Mass Communications of the Moscow.

The digital economy for the state is to ensure

Technical University of Communications and Informatics . According to the expert, some confirmation of this idea is a recent sociological study of the mood of Benin Phone Number List domestic fellow citizens regarding the implementation of a digital profile of a citizen. Approximately half of the respondents were in favor of the innovation, but the vast majority not the high risk of data compromise. In this case, an important task for the development of social, legal and technological guarantees for the observance of the rights of citizens. With this approach, citizens’ confidence in technological development will be much higher.

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That astronauts already experience health difficulties

The state and business will receive their bonus in USA CFO the form of public support for the implementation of technological stacks necessary for strategic development.  Every day, astronauts work in Earth orbit , and in the coming decades it is plann to send the first crews of explorers to Mars. In addition to the fact outside their home planet – muscle atrophy, bone loss, psychological problems – researchers have found another unfavorable factor. It turn out that being in space also affects the human microbiome – that is, the complex of beneficial and harmful microorganisms that inhabit it.

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